Master Vin Dalto

Master Vin Dalto, if nothing else, reflects how even simple acts can lead to redemption, and that even the darkest or most troubled is beyond saving. A Force-Sensitive Umbaran is trouble to begin with: her people constantly betraying each other to climb in social status, the only penalty being in failure.

In this environment, Vin had learned that anything was fair game, and that gentleness or naivety were only traits to be exploited. Once she discovered her own Force-Sensitivity, she found that she was an expert in the deception of the mind. The Khil Dark Lord sensed her growing abilities and offered to train her, giving her more power and potential than she could ever have on her own planet. Not knowing anything of Jedi or Sith, she quickly agreed. In no time at all she became a potent Sith Apprentice, and slave to the Dark Side.

When the fledgling Lost Jedi returned to Coruscant to restore their order, Vin was sent in to destroy them. While the Mandalorian among them was easy prey, the Nagai had interjected to protect him. The two seemed to follow each other across the Galaxy, and it was not until Vin had followed the Jedi into an unexplored area of space that she had even considered the circumstances.

However, her former Nagai nemesis, Torin, threw himself into an attack on Vin that would have surely killed her. In that instant, she began to question her teachings, her own moralities, and beyond. The Dark Side had forever left its mark on her, but it was no longer her master.

Eventually, Vin would learn to become a Jedi Knight, tutored by Torin himself. With her insight into her former Master’s behaviors and location, the Jedi Order was able to bring itself against him and best him. While she had stressed redemption, as she had been given, she found that there was no saving the Dark Lord. After the encounter, Vin would spent the rest of her time as a Jedi Shadow, searching for other Sith. She was certain that her former master trained several other potential candidates, and there may have even been other Sith Lords vying for control. In this search, she found herself still in control of the Dark Side, and able to impersonate being under the influence of the Dark Side to get close to her targets.

While Master Ordo, another Jedi who had turned from the Dark Side, would teach how to resist the temptation of the Dark Side, Vin taught how to use it without being affected by its control. The two were always at odds as a result.

Throughout her life, Vin remained a Master at manipulating the mind through the Force.

Master Vin Dalto

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