Master Lorza

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Master Lorza is the last of the Lost Jedi, trained by Master Brianna, and has great respect in the Order for it. She is currently in charge of the training of all potential students on the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. Kindhearted and patient, she has been able to bring out the potential in almost anyone. Despite this, she has not taken a Padawan of her own in quite some time. Lorza feels that she can do more good to the Republic and the Order to give more students the strong foundations that they need.

Before her position, she was at different points in her life an Archivist in the Jedi Archives, and was one of the lead diplomats for interspecies relations, having learned over a dozen languages.

Because of her increasing age and decreasing health, she is slow to move about, and so stays arond the Temple unless urgent. With her meditations and strong mental connections with the Force, she has been able to help from great distances of the Galaxy.

Master Lorza

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