Brigadier General Brightmark

Graduate from the prestigious Republic Naval Academy at Surepoint in Coruscant, Kavix Brightmark quickly went through the ranks as a naval officer, proving not only to have proper tactical know-how, but thorough discipline, and valuing those under his command as the most important part of a successful operation.

As rumors of the Sith reammerging in the Galaxy began to grow, than Captain Brightmark began to look through records and vids of past conflicts, both in the Jedi Civil War, the Mandalorian Wars prior, and even back to the Great Sith War. His finding was that the majority of Republic forces are not trained to deal with Force-Sensitives, and are entirely reliant on the Jedi Order to combat the threat.

Not only are the Jedi reluctant to be involved in any military or wartime functions, they are prone to also falling to the side of the enemy and taking Republic soldiers with them, as happened with Revan and Meela Surik. This would never lead to successful operations: not in a dependable way.

Brightmark than proposed hard to the creation of a new command, a way to work alongside and against Force-Sensitives. Acknowledging the need, the Republic Navy created Force Readiness Command, and put Brightmark, now Brigadier General, in command.

Brigadier General Brightmark

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