A Nagai Jedi Padawan. Dueling master with a sardonic wit.


Jedi 3

Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Speed 6
Initiative: +6

Weapon Finesse
Dual Weapon Mastery I
Force Training

Force Powers:
Hawk Bat Swoop
Force Slam


Skill Training:
Use the Force

Weapon Attacks:
Lightsaber: 8, 2d82
Tehk’la Blade: 8, 2d62


Krai is an oddity among the Jedi. He is a Nagai, far from home. He came in search of news of an ancestor of his named Torin, who was captured by slavers and fled toward the central systems. Krai himself took his Tehk’la blade and a small transport and fled into the void.

Lost, confused, he was found by a scouting ship. The Jedi aboard recognized his potential and took him to the temple. He discovered that his honored ancestor had, in fact, come to the Core systems. In fact, he had a somewhat ambiguous reputation as a Jedi knight. An innovator, he had created and experimented with several lightsaber designs, many of which were still in the archives. However, he himself vanished decades ago, taking a ship along the last known heading of Darth Revan. He was never seen nor heard from again, and his lightsaber, by many considered to be among the finest ever fashioned, vanished as well.

Krai asked to be a Jedi, a request the Order was glad to fulfill. His master, an Umbran named Pharra, was a descendent of Torin’s apprentice, was considered an appropriate match. Krai quickly became friends and fast rivals with another padawan, Satele Shan. They are almost always sparring partners, and their masters approve as they push each other to higher skill. They also enjoy each others’ company, and can sometimes be found chatting about various subjects.

Knowing his ancestor’s history, Pharra decided to give Krai training in lightsaber forms, a practice he settled into with startling familiarity. Krai still tries to understand his place, and his own upbringing and the Jedi philosophy are often in conflict. Krai does his best to reign in his impulses, but he is of yet still new to the process.


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