Old Republic, New Frontier

Journey into a New Frontier

Fighting the enemy

The group had successfully warded off the strange droid assailants. The Etiquette Class droid was able to derive from the memory cores that these attackers were following the orders of the ancient, long-thought extinct Rakata. Warning Captain Zoot of the danger, the group went off to investigate a possible camp to the west of the encampment.

As the group went through the woods, the soldier was able to pick up through keen sight and instinct that they were walking into an ambush. Attacking their would-be predators before the ambush was set, they were able to quickly defeat the opponents. However, one of the Rakatan scouts had been able to escape and run through the woods to the encampment, warning the others. Hearing savage yelling and the rattling of sabers and vibro-ax’s, our heros chose to retreat back to camp for safety and to warn the villagers.

Captain Zoot, seeing keeping his mean safe as a priority over keeping peace, began mobilizing his soldiers and defenses, ready to lay down superior firepower at a moments notice. The Jedi Krai convinced him to hold his plans off until necessary. Hoping to appeal to their chiefs sense of Honor, each side chose a Champion to duel: the winner would chose the terms of negotiation. Krai, being the champion for the Project Home settlers and the Jedi, was able to defeat the Rakatan champion, who fought till his last breath.

Unaccepting of defeat or obediance to former slaves, the Rakatan began to threaten and prepare to attack. Captain Zoot, bringing the Star Seeder into the atmosphere, ordered a bombardment of the forces, quickly dispatching the entirety of the enemy force.

Now knowing what to look for, the crew of Project Home began to search the remainder of the planet for signs of other Rakatan tribes. As they searched, Krai and Jumon began to search the remainder of the system for any potential of an area strong in the Force. Beginning from the most outward system and moving inwards, they found that the innermost system, an arid dessert planet, was exactly what they were searching for.

Entering the planets atmosphere, they were able to find a temple-like structure and little else, which was strong in the light-side of the Force, seemingly free of being eaten by the rest of the desert. From the outside, it would it appear to be as-much a fortress as it was a holy site. Towers stood at each of the corners and in the center of each wall, with a great clear dome in the center. Wether this was a Rakatan area of worship wasn’t decipherable: the building had been too long abandoned. However, after putting Rolis in a Force Trance in the middle of the central chamber, she was slowly able to improve her health.

However, as she laid in trance, a great voice resonated throughout the dome of the temple. Likely a Sith of some sort, the voice simply stated “I will have what is rightfully mine!”. Gone as quickly as it came, Rolis exited her trance stronger than when she had enterred. Though she will still need time to heal, her full recovery still uncertain, her initial condition does seem to improve.

Journeying back to the Star Seeder ship, Captain Zoot and his crew begin to make way back for Coruscant.

End Session



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